The correct way to format pen drive

Often, our USB pen drive viruses or some other reason to look and many times the normal errar way phormet comes and also when errar pen drive phormet fade | But in a way your pen drive will be phormet and will be finished so she anyway errar |
First add the pen drive to the computer. Then click on my computer to write it there you will find the click combinations is used to manage. Now you will open computer management window, click the disk management in. Now on the right side you will see the pen drive and hard disk drives look | Now pen drive

Write click click format | Now do it yes then ok the message came up | Now pen drive phormet and all will be finished errar also | One more thing, before carefully phormet pen drive, select the drive it right that you accidentally phormet the hard disk drive and your complete data to be finished.

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