Depending on the task or purpose of using computer individually is divided into Prkron . By ability in each area individually computers are used . Some computer powerful , larger, more speed , or can be long -lasting . Computers can be divided into three parts : the -( 1 ) Working (mechanism)( 2 ) objective (purpose)( 3 ) size (size)

A) the system functions depending on the type of computers
(Type of Computer based on Mechanism)( 1 ) Analog Computer (Analog Computer) - Analog computers are computers that have the physical quantities , such as pressure , temperature , length , etc. measured in numbers to express their perimeter . The computer is an amount based on the perimeter . Analog computers used mainly in the fields of science and engineering are exposed to high doses used in these areas .( 2 ) Digital computer (Digital Computer) - the digital computer is the computer calculates the points . Use the computer to create a home budget , write , draw , listen to music , view photos and video , playing games , etc. is . Digital computer binary digits ( 0-1 ) is based on . The computer is able to calculate with 100 % accuracy . Digital Computer Data and Program Change 0 and 1, and brings in electronic form .( 3 ) Hybrid Computer (Hybrid Computer) - Hybrid means - both analog and digital - Fraternal (features) is to be . Ie computer analog computer and the digital computer , both of which are characterized , Hybrid Computer is called . Like - Computer- analog device to a patient's symptoms , ie temperature , pressure etc. measures . These dimensions are converted to points by Digital is later . Thus came into patient health fluctuation can be treated immediately .
( B ) the types of computers based on objective
(Type of Computers based on Purpose)( 1 ) General Purpose Computer (General Purpose Computer) - General Purpose Computer is a computer that has the ability to work with multiple types but these letters and documents to Word Processing , print documents , databases such as common tasks is performed . As well as to Mnnornjan - watch movies , listen to songs , play games, etc. are used to drive the net . Often school , home or in the office are used . User or task according to your budget can afford . In general, the specific computer in the future can be changed by changing the method assembled .( 2 ) Specific Purpose Computer (Special Purpose Computer) - special purpose computer is a computer that is designed for a particular task . The ability of the CPU is in line with that task . High Configuration Computer same category as the personal Computer, mini- computers , super computers etc. are covered . Its main functions such as - Audio Mixing, Video Editing, Space Control, Medical, etc. are conducted . The computer Mahngen are the common PC . Are controlled by a specific user is in control .
( C ) types of computers based on size
(Type of Computer based on size)(A ) Micro Computer (Micro Computer) - The computer on a desk or can be placed in a Brifekes . These small computers are called micro computer . Micro Computer price is cheap, smaller in size , these computers for personal use in any jurisdiction outside the home or can be fitted . So her personal computer the PC Is also known . Micro Computer three types are: -
( 1 ) Desktop Computers (Desktop Computer) - Personal computers is the most -used desktop computer . It is a computer that is placed on a table . user can operate the computer sitting on your chair . Desktop computer isolated as it is made ​​up of Parts - Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Processor, Cabinet, Speaker, RAM, Motherboard etc. . It is cheaper than laptops , but it is difficult to move from one place to another place or can not be taken immediately . Names of companies that make desktop computer - HCL, IBM, Wipro, LG, Compaq, Dell, HP etc. is .( 2 ) Laptop Computer (Laptop Computer) - It 's also operate a personal computer accessories . Parts The parts of the desktop computer , but its size is smaller than the Miltejulte . Was used in laptop batteries for power Supply . Have to keep charging it . Fruit after charging at least three or four hours running. It is lighter than the desktop computer and can take from one place to another easily . Meaning Laptop - Computer Gondi with the keeper . Technological development and fast moving laptops have become almost desktop computer is powerful stuff . According to their ability to 15000-12,0000 laptop is its price . Users can purchase according to your budget . Laptop computer companies that make name -HCL, IBM-Lenovo, Acer, Sony, LG, Compaq, Dell, HP etc. is .( 3 ) mobile phone and computer (PDA) - the other computer is much smaller than its size is equal to the palm . There are two types of mobile phones - and a touch pad with a phone call . To a person 's mobile phone is a personal device . Its main features such as - Calling, Message, Players, Calculator , such as are found . Due to technological advances , which currently consists of phone fiery processor can run an application software easily . Because of the inbuilt graphics easily 3 - D Gems can play . In addition to phones , listen to music , watch videos , photos Kicna etc. Work can be done . Mobile phone maker has plenty .( 4 ) Tablet PC (Tablet Computer) - is by far the Latest Device . Its size is akin to a slate bar is equipped with a touch screen in her hands Cukr it can be carried easily . It also features a plethora of mobile accessories are found . Especially in the net to play the movie and see photos , etc. can be done typing . Type separately to the board - can be tracked .

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