history and development of computers

MENT Computer - Computer history is 300 years old , while in China a calculation device (Calculation device) led to the invention of the abacus . It is a mechanical device (mechanical device) , which even today in China, Japan , including many countries in Asia are being used to calculate the points . Abacus (abacus) is a frame of wires . Pieces of these wires (bead) Piroa live . Initially the dealer Abacus were used for calculations . Currently the abacus teach children to count or add Dtav etc. are used for calculations .


What is a computer? Difference between computer and human

computer- computer - an electronic device , which received the information (information) to the instructions (Command) the Bisleshic (Analyze) is true and reliable results at the present time is extremely short . The origin of the word computer compute is derived from the word meaning to count or calculate . So , usually a computer device (computing device) is known as .


Fundamental uses of Computer

Description: the following fundamental experiments on computers-
1. at home and personal tasks (Computer in Household and Personal Use.)