Fundamental uses of Computer

Description: the following fundamental experiments on computers-
1. at home and personal tasks (Computer in Household and Personal Use.)

(A) in the kitchen (In kitchen)-electronic processor and memory's kitchen on yantron, such as micro-oven, refrigerator, cooker, etc use indaktasakshan hata.
(B) computerized car (Computerized Car)-modern cars are powered by all control computer as car owner's voice opens up the door pahchankar, warn, a fair amount of speed petrol nitrate, providing road and city maps (GPS System), etc.
(C) computerized real estate (Computerized Home) nowadays houses the computer by nutrition. Welcome to the guests and identify computerized homes, garden work, human work to water-hinge to see the activities of closed circuit cameras, home security etc computer by nutrition. Homes starting at accident or theft alarms clang.
(D) personal robot servant (Personal Robot Servants) - it can be made to individual tasks is also the servant. Robot powered by a "yantrik human computer" (Robot). The work of cleaning, the robot in the object from one place to another pahuchana, mannoranjan etc.

2. education computer (Computer in Education.)
(A) computer learning (Learning about Computer)-many of the themes the computer nowadays as impharmenshan computer science, computer systems, computer engineering, computer languages (Language), Internet and e-commerce, Application Software, etc. are studied. This is a very important computer applications.

(B) as a computer teacher-computer software of CAI (Computer Assisted Instructions) as a computer teacher. Computer Education DVD binduo any topic we use film as a study.
(C) the problem-solution (Problem Solving) to simplify the difficult problems in computer studies. Computer a to fix the problem, many individuals are increasingly using tarko which solved the problem quickly g.

3. entertainment computer (Computer in Entertainment)
The invention of the computer today is boon to the world of entertainment.
(A) Sports (Games)-boddhik capacity kamapyutar in entertainment and enjoy the games.
(B) movies (Movies)-chalchitro (cinema) film industry computer several photographic Effect, induce Action Effect Effect, Music, etc. Computer multimedia tech from the comfort of fantasy scenes lively (Real) required. Such as Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Star War -, Terminator, Robot, etc. Nowadays computer build katurns through film.
(C) music (Music)-musician (Musicians) is a computer that Electronic Synthesizer. It does Record sound and loads in memory the old tunes. Computer with the help of the various instruments were formulated from synthetic way.
(D) art (Arts)-computer by various shapes, sizes and colors we etc can give. Drawing as many software programs that work are available in the computer.

4. information technology (Information Technology)
(A) network (internet) network is the international network of computers. Are connected to the Internet worldwide computer network and we got home from your computer can find the desired information. Political, sports, movies, music, health, medical, knowledge-science, culture etc. almost all topics on diverse content available on the Internet.
(B) e-business (E-Business)-computer action electronic method, so the modern business that is supported by computer and Internet ' e-business ' or ' electronic business '.  It comes under a topic e-commerce business.

5. clinical testing computer (Computer in Medical Treatment.)
Computer to make us healthy and healthy have strived tirelessly. Computers in the medical field have contributed this section discusses.
(A) computer-assisted designs (Computer Assisted Diagnosis) - this is a feature in which hardware or software, to assist in testing of patients to physicians. The patient is input into the computer of the symptoms and signs of the patient than software so far in the last patients of computer symptoms and diseases and disease detection.
(B) computed tomography (Computer Tomography) - this is a feature that contains CAT Scanning won. In the X-Ray beam, the internal organs of hardware and software to meet the patient's Three Dimensional images represent. Diseases of the patient from this picture more physician chastity can check out.
(C) kampyutraijd life spotter system (Computerized Life-Support System)-this system has serious stage the patient is constantly examined and treated and the patient's hadyagti, changes in temperature and blood pressure are reported from alarm Deathly. It is powered by the computer system.

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