Computer system Characteristics Capabilities and limitations

Now a days computer almost every region. For this reason it has the following capabilities:-

(A) speed (Speed)-computer can any job much faster. In a few moments by computer-parts or mulls millions of actions. If you want to multiply 440 X 56, this has ranged from approximately 1 to 2 minutes apkon may take time. That task to the pocket calculator than can be done in approximately 5 sundeck. But if in a modern computer program has been in a few saikandon the 30 million operations concluded.

(B) automation (Automation)-computer work, the program has been automatically loaded once. Udarhan a data operator working on own entre program report preparation is not required, but the computer reports based on data you enter yourself.

(C) accuracy (Accuracy)-computer work without fault. Computer by mistake to come before, but many examples of all these mistakes when entering data into the computer is faulty, or program development time. Computer does not ever mistake themselves.

(D) the universality (Versatility)-due to the properties of my computer universality drastically all over the world umbrella. Computer mathematical works concluded in addition to can be used for commercial purposes. Adding a printer into the computer printing job. From computer to telephone line all over the world can be exchanged on the instructions. With the help of computer-games (Games) can be played. 

(E) high storage capacity (High Storage Capacity)-a computer system's data storage capacity too. Computer recall very little space, while in dollars-store can keep by. All types of data, images, programs, games and can store several years by voice.  We never notice it can get in a few seconds and can use.

(F) karim (Diligence) to do a task continued from living human few to resign until exhausted. Vice versa resign, a task the computer continued many days and months the ability to. Despite his ability to act is not a reduction. Computer for any given task, without any discrimination, whether it be tasteful or ad nauseum by work.

The limitations of the computer

(A) lack of intelligence (Lack of Intelligence)-computer is a machine. User instructions by computer. Computer in any case no more than directions and neither at commands.

(B) lack of common sense (Lack of Common Scene)-computer like a servant. Like it you buy vegetable market and says, go out. It will be the market directions and vegetable even kharidega but never come back to the House with a vegetable. Here the question arises why. This simple little answer is that you must buy the recipe said but not bringing her home. This means that computers and not the general perception.

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