Generations of Computers

In 1946 the first electronic Vacuum Tube introduced by akon computer containing divais computer growth of a base. Computer development in this order with the help of computer devices, many important journey so far. The main computer in the order in which we develop transformation following a five generations are:-
Vacuum Tube

(A) first generation (First Generation)-muchli eckert in 1946 and the year of manufacture (ENIAC) computer, akin to the first generation of the computer start. This generation was used in Vacuum Tube computers whose invention in 1904. ENIAC's in this generation that has built several other computers whose name evoked, univac, and asked, univac-1.
Following are the major characteristics of the first generation of computers:-
(1) using Vacuum Tube.
(2) based on panchakard.
(3) using Magnetic Drum for Storage.
(4) very fragile and less trusted.
(5) use a lot of Air Condenser. 
(6) Machine Language and Assembly Language in programming.
 The Univac 1 Computer

(B) second generation (Second Generation)-computers in the beginnings of the second generation computers use transistors to be. William Shockley, invented the transistor in 1947. In the second generation computers use Vacuum Tube was in place. The use of computers to Vacuum Tube transistor relatively greater speed and vishwanath. 
IBM 1401 
The second generation of computers has the following main characteristics:-(1) Vacuum Tube instead of terrorists.
(2) relatively small and less consumption of energy.
(3) fast and reliable.
(4) first generation than less expensive.
(5) development of programming languages such as COBOL and FORTRAN high level.
(6) Storage Device, Printer and Operating System use.


(C) third generation (Third Generation)-beginning of the third generation of computers in 1964. This generation has computers I.C. (Integrated Circuit). Integrated Circuit invented by a company engineer Jack Texas instument Kelby. ICL 2903 in this generation computers, ICL 1900, UNIAC 1108 key.


Integrated Circuit

Following are the major symptoms of financial generation computers:-
(1) using Integrated Circuit.
(2) first and second generation of size and weight extremely low.
(3) connect.
(4) portable and easy maintenance.
(5) high level languages are extensively used.

(D) fourth generation (Forth Generation) in 1971 up to 2000 computers from the fourth generation computers are placed in the category. In this generation Integrated Circuit has been developed more. That Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit. Mits ALTAIR 8800, the first company called computer that created the macro. Bill Gates on the same computer, Basic Language installed. After this successful effort by microsoft company Bill Gates founded the largest software company in the world. Apple Computer and Macintosh the same generations of Mac OS in the market.
Fourth-generation computers has the following main characteristics:-
Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit technology (1) were used.
(2) in size quite small.
(3) within the ordinary man's ability to purchase.
 (4) use computers more powerful, trusted and dynamic.

(5) more memory capacity.

(6) development of a network of computers. 

Bill Gates  

(E) v generation (Fifth Generation) present in the fifth generation of the powerful-computers & high covers computers. This generation computers computer scientist artificial buddimta (Artificial intelligence) try to include. Today's computer is so powerful that every field such as Accounting, Engineering, Medical, Building Structure, Space, And are being used in Education etc. Intel Corporation today for new generation of computers-new processors are going to be invented so that the first computer than today's computers have become very fast and powerful. Intel Corporation's new Dual Core Pentium processor Series, named, Core i3-i5-i7, titanium etc. This generation has invented a new-new in getting such as Mobile, Tablet, Smart phone, Laptop, and Touch Device, etc. Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit, such as the new Integrated Circuit Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit developed form of Ultra.
Following are the major symptoms of v generation computers:-
(1) in this generation whether the computer need size, structure and the ability to define. Various models such as Desktop, Laptop, Palmtop computers, etc.
(2) network-this is an international computer network. World-bhar computer networks attached to the Internet and thus we sat, from home-your health, medicine, science, art and culture and so on almost all topics can get Internet on diverse contents.
(3) multimedia in music, movies, television, etc lot of computers used in the field. 

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