history and development of computers

MENT Computer - Computer history is 300 years old , while in China a calculation device (Calculation device) led to the invention of the abacus . It is a mechanical device (mechanical device) , which even today in China, Japan , including many countries in Asia are being used to calculate the points . Abacus (abacus) is a frame of wires . Pieces of these wires (bead) Piroa live . Initially the dealer Abacus were used for calculations . Currently the abacus teach children to count or add Dtav etc. are used for calculations .
After centuries many other mechanical machines were developed to calculate the points mathematician Blaise Pascal in France in the 17 century (Baize Pascal) a mechanical digital calculating machine (Mechanical Digital Calculator) was developed in 1645 year . The machine Ending Machine (Adding Machine) used to say , because it could only add or subtract . This machine was working on the principle of the clock and odometer .Lebanese philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm von year and in 1694 the German mathematician ( 1646-1716 ) , which was designed to develop the Pasklain ' Rekning machine (Reckoning Machine)' or ' Lebanese cycles (Leibnitz Wheel)' is called . Among the rest of the machine digit addition and multiplication and division was involved in the action .In 1801 the French weaver Joseph Jacquard (Joseph Jacquard) of the fabric weaving loom (Loom) invented the clothes would automatically design or pattern .Kputr an early time in the history of the 19th century is considered the golden age . Charles Babbage in 1822 to build a machine whose cost is borne by the British government . The name of the machine Difference Engine (Difference Engine) was placed in the machine and gear were soft . It was moving from steam .Bavej contributed greatly to the development of the computer . Bavej the Analytical Engine, formed the basis of modern computer and that's why the computer science called the Father of Charles Bavej ha .Computer in 1890 a significant event in the history of the U.S. Census . It took 7 years prior to 1890 Census . To carry out the task in less time, Herman Hollerith census year between 1869-1926 which created a machine Panckardon (Punch card) was powered by electricity . With the help of the machine Census was conducted in only three years . In 1924 the company name ' recording company tabulating the computer 's place became international Business Machine , the world's leading companies in manufacturing today is one of the computer .In 1940 Electro-Mechanical Computing (Electrometrical Computing) peak was reached . IBM's four top engineers and Dr. Howard Aiken developed a machine in 1944 and placed official Name-Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator . In the name of the machine 'B' placed . The world 's first electro - mechanical computer (Electrometrical Computer) wasAttanasof in 1945 and named defendant Clifford Berry develop the ABC was an electronic machine . ABC 's full name is briefly Attanasof Berry Computer .During the year 1945-46, John Williams and JP Mucli The first common feature in the development of the computer Eckert at the University of Pensilvania , whose name was Eniac-Electronic Numeric Integer And Computer .