Based on the size we can offer the following categories - computers

(A) the smallest computer systems computer à. micro-system micro-computer. Peripherals area in kampyutro Terminal, phlopi disk and relatively low-speed printer. Micro computer used by small businesses. Use them individually due to them is also called a personal computer type is still the most in vogue all micro computer CPU part one is on the main circuit board that is the motherboard. The major part of it is the microprocessor. A microprocessor with different sarkito also try some memory space is called a register.

(B) a high-powered micro-computer workstation computer workstation. à. What was envisaged for technical or scientific applications. These are mainly used by one person at a time to go. Are used in banks, railways, airlines, aviation reservation site, is done at places like government offices |

(C) these computer mainframe computer à kampyutro. mini short data processing actions that way, but relatively low magnitude or only. Mini kampyutro prices relatively low. Their efficiency at the micro-computer and mainframe.

(D) even large mainframe computer system mainframe computer. à. Large input\/output more diversity with kampyutro tools are concerned. A mainframe computer with more than a thousand can add remote work stations. These kampyutro that MIPS (MILLION INSTRUCTIONS PER SECOND) speed is measured in. They use large commercial companies banks and universities etc. The main supplier of i.b.m. mainframe kampyutro, Honeywell, baros, n c r, CDs and Sperry, etc.

(E) a supercomputer super computer à are more than one CPU in the parallel work. their work pace didn't (FLOPS, FLOATING POINT INSTRUCTIONS PER SECOND) is measured. Art can be a kampyutro that thy didnt. first Super computer built by BURROUGHS. Super computer CRAY, NEC CDS and other suppliers, etc. Supercomputers using higher-count-based tasks. example-weather forecast, climate research (global research also includes associated with ushnata), molecule modeling (chemical compounds, organic molecules, palimron and crystals properties and mega structures of computing) uses its military and scientific agencies, etc..

2. depending on the application of computers

There are many applications in which computers though. three applications are based on three types of computers:

(A) analog computer not work which coins they à computer. Operate directly on data physically available. Physically available data we mean that we have the various physical units digits short, straight into the computer input. Physical quantities, such as: temperature, pressure, speed, voltage, resistance, etc. do not count the measures because they can change that steadily the value none; here the temperature digits as input by not spreading mercury input of tapmapi. more documents for specific applications of this type of computer. Continuous processing these data.

(B) digital computer works on the computer which digits à. These may be the same as the input points. This computer is suitable for multiple solutions to problems and therefore very popular too. Its various applications in business, banking, education, entertainment, etc.

(C) hybrid analog and digital computer which computer the computer - they both properties, is called a hybrid computer. For example input data analog form that gives the output by the computer resources in digital form. For example, a patient's blood pressure, heartbeat, etc to measure analog device into the computer and be the first to invest in digital form is changed and the result is displayed on the screen to move, in digital form.

3. types of computers based on objective

Computer can install two objectives we - General and specific, based on the computer object are the following two types:
(A) General-uddeshiya computer built documents for ordinary problems solution kampyutro à general-purpose computer. These salaries, in preparation for use in reservation and acquaints.

(B) special-purpose computer that a particular computer uddeshiya à they that are created by the target achievement. They are used for the purpose to move a building and not for all purposes. Space science, meteorology, medicine, is used in nuclear trivia etc.