Get a free Yahoo mail, Gmail has like 1 TB, pace

Yahoo mail in his look changes, not just its design changed the mass that now Yahoo mail, i.e. 1000 GB 1 TB free pace in taking advantage of. Yahoo change the design of your mail Tuesday while the new feature after the new changes introduced. Yahoo mail user to your mail decked with paintings of phlikar background.

Yahoo mail you will be there in your PC change whatever changes you will also look on your mobile. also create and send multiple Yahoo application changes have been made, these changes create and send in the application window, endured and iPhone 4S. can multiple user Yahoo mail theme. This feature of G mail tahr. According to the Yahoo 1 TB of tires is enough for an ordinary user. company In a statement given he told yujron that he ever will be no shortage of yujron to the tire                                                  New Yahoo mail

1. Yahoo kampoj mail to your Gmail in a separate panel will open.
2. now compared to before, Yahoo mail preview can be seen more in a better way.
3. after mail-in-readiness may, in addition to many others persist connection, create more better ways to display.
4. design of new mail in Gmail look similar, but compared to Yahoo, Gmail is Gmail giving pace 1 TB 15 GB the pace.
5. new mail already preloaded many the themes given that user corresponds to your liking may set in the background.
6. in the new Yahoo mail attachment preview will give you a little as you can recognize the attachment without downloading.
7. create and send their own Yahoo! application is now user phone number changes, more better ways to download e-mail.
8. but many mail interface on the phone kalraphul that identify the variables that match one more has never been easier.
9. create and send mail in the open mobile application before you can see attachment preview.

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