What is Unicode?

Unicode provides a unique number for every character ,Regardless of the platform ,Regardless of the program,No matter what the language .

Computer , basically , numbers belong to . These characters by assigning a number to each letter and character and characters are stored . Before Unicode was invented , hundreds of different encoding systems for assigning these numbers were . No single encoding could contain enough characters : for example , the European Union alone , to cover all its languages ​​requires several different encodings . For languages ​​like English , all the letters , punctuation, and technical symbols in common use was not sufficient for encoding the same .
These encoding systems also conflict . That is, two encodings for two different characters , can use the same number , or may use different numbers for the same character . Any given computer ( especially servers ) needs to support many different encodings ; yet sent data between different encodings or platforms, that data always the risk of being poor .