Window 7 Tips for which you do not know?

Windows 7 has several feature given that we don't use much of those features. we will show about some similar features today. that help you use Windows 7 and good way.

1 how to rotate the screen
If your Windows PC or laptop screen rotate any angle. use arrow button for the screen with the buttons window
rotate right, left, or press the up button to move around your screen even aaron.

2 minimize the screen bigger
Windows 7 keyboard screen display bigger or small to plus and minus can use instead of the window buttons with plus and minus buttons together.

3 background close all running programs at once
If the window background with a lot of programs running and you want to turn them off then press the home button with the window button (Windows key the Home key) will open your full screen.

4 pin to your favorite sites
If you have some sites frequently open day so those sites can your PIN that might reside kabir as
Suppose you have an online photo editing site everyday You, you can pin to pin bar will open your browser like you they will be open again on their own i.e. saite you need to go to the site in Google again apen. site PIN to Site that might reside in the mouse right-click in kabir you select persist connection PIN.