8 things that don't ever share in Facebook?

1. do not share your personal information---
Facebook is a place Pletpharm where we all share their joys and sorrows of each other, but this does not imply that you have to share your personal information in Facebook just because there are no longer your private information private mass that many people have been exposed. even if you share your personal information with a dependable person how to but his profiles are linked While about you. so your personal information do not share in Facebook.

2. do not share about a Plan--
We make a daily plug Plan and her friends also share with ton but some are such a Plan that only we know special people or something, but if you get it Facebook share your Sarah plug Plan Mar. also can be a threat to your safety. for example, if you have your Facebook These are tits updates that I am in the Bank so it could be your security risk.

3. the company-related information--
You are running own company or work in another company, uploaded to Facebook any information associated with the company. that's why companies in the Facebook staff called the company tetas are that pertain to social networking sites are not a wrong note.

4. to whom do not disclose these to create friends---
Friends of the sajes have the ton of people may seem strange to make friends where the sajes. last ton of aklamandi and friends go that if sajeshan are friends, created by how and therefore a share and another by friends in Facebook for sajas.

5. create and send jabrajas send TI application---
Create and send the Facebook application new feature worked even though good but by enough people to dik face kat. create and send multiple Facebook application referenced but jabrajas TI create and send a person to install that application you can be a hassle for them. I am saying this so as my Facebook personal profile barrage by ves blank of application likeshnon Comes is that now make the persist connection I ves block blank. so others might not be so any application with create and send to Facebook not the sajes.

6. my page like taxes---
Some people like to post every page and is used to open it any website you like Facebook and other social network sites persist connection will always remain in front but this does not imply that kill it like you got no sonche jhat. only post and like the site you like and not like everything died.

7. anything you can not stock---
Go to the Facebook settings you can set privacy settings so that if you share any information so that only some people will only show in the United States all people. neither cannot it able to comment and share.

8. password--
Often people have a habit of letting his friends ton password but not to share the password Facebook. because then no longer any personal information private that whether by direct message or chatting if any cognizant of it, they can easily move your chat friends can read the messages all with tree directory listing.