Domain name system (DNS)

Domain name system (DNS) computers, services, or any linked to the Internet or a private network for processing a sequential naming system. The participants were given to domain names with different information.
The most important thing is that it is meaningful to humans domain names to identify and address these devices all over the world for the purpose of networking devices associated with numerical (bainri) transforms in identification. Domain name system often used to be saying is that the Internet "phone book" as human friendly computer hostname's IP address translates as. For example, www.example.com translates to after. Domain name system is a group of Internet users makes sense makes it possible to specify the domain name in the manner whether users at any location. This is because the World Wide Web (WWW) hyperlinks and Internet contact information remains constant and neutral even if the current Internet routing arrangements change or users using mobile devices. Internet domain names to remember IP address is more than easy to remember such as (IPv4) or 2001: db8: 1f70:: 999: de8: 7648: 6e8 (IPv6). Regardless of the point being made without meaningful URLs and e-mail addresses take advantage of that machine (the server) how to dhundhegi.

To determine the name of the domain and the domain name system names by specifying the IP address of jimmevari to find the authoritative name servers distributed. Authoritative name servers are liable to their specific domains and in return for their subdomain can determine the authoritative name servers. This mechanism has DNS, and to avoid advice and updates error bearing a central register require dismissing lol.

Commonly used to store other information of the domain name system, such as the list of mail servers that accept email for Internet domains were given. That can be distributed worldwide-word due to rescheduling based system facilitates the Internet domain name system is an essential component of the. Other identifiers such as RFID tags, UPC codes, international characters in email addresses and host names, and a variety of other identifiers could potentially use the DNS.[1] domain name system this database defines the base functionality of the service is also technical. For this purpose this DNS Protocol Internet Protocol Suite (TCP\/IP) parts as used in the DNS data structures and defines detailed description of communication exchange. To start the DNS protocol developed in the 1980s and by the Internet Engineering Task Force defined and made public.