Safe password?

he easiest way to keep passwords safe keep changing from time to time . But no one believes the hackers so you should always be careful . Often people are not cautious while placing the password sometimes the password is hacked .

Well most sites such as Facebook , Gmail, Twitter , in addition to living in the Privacy Settings option you can set according to your convenience . However, when you set the password of any site we should exercise a little caution . We will give you 5 tips to follow that can keep you safe and your password .
Choose a long password : Your password must be at least 15 words of 15 -character passwords are difficult to hack .
Do not ever name Password : password anytime enter the mobile number , license number , do not use the birthday date because often people use similar passwords .
Do not share your password with anyone : Never share your password and do not have the compulsion to inform you if your password immediately to be replaced.