How to clear the browser files of your PC

Whenever you are surfing the Internet a copy of the file is saved in your PC if you notice once you open any site whenever the site would in early term URL bar you will come to the site URL automatic.

For example if you have Facebook open your PC once you type in the URL bar as soon as f a Facebook link to your friends, but you will come down ton if sometimes a long time browser kaichi file so are a lot of sites that seem to kamphyuj.
Or if you have any other PC or laptop Internet derived are you you don't want to open that site know it takes him about kaichi file delete.
Kaichi file delete first to go to the phayraphak menu in the right side you will directly hand IE. menu after you click the arrow below and choose the share tree persist connection
You may want to hold down CTRL SHIFT b direct the Hindi tree Panel can now open you will be able to open a new Panel as you see in the above screen shot bear. Panel on clc and persist connections of kaichi memory clear clear the persist connection select naon noon click persist connection your PC save file will be delete all kaichi