How the price of dwindling stocks-growing? Stock index or a stock index?

Shares of little means, speak the language of stock market share. shares in companies means. for example, a company has issued 10 million total shares. the company you purchase your as degree in accordance with the proposal in that company was ownership of the number that you want to sell to another buyer can also purchase when the sale of shares in mounting and descending. RS 10 's share price up to four to five
hundred. these companies in the stock market value of the shares. all companies according to their value of beneficial capacity-more in this whole market in India. the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is allowed only after a company its initial output issue (IPO) can continue to be listed in the stock market the company markets text Does your company have to negotiate every job information market does from time to time, especially in such fields, which affected the interest of investors; these companies based on information is assessed and evaluated escalated its demands based on loss-share prices-chadhav. If a company does not follow the rules of listing agreementThe dilist operation to SEBI.

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