What is Lokpal Bill?

This relationship is evident from the word ombudsman is to protect the interest of the public . The concept came from Scandinavian countries Ombudsman . Omhudsman official deed monitor and investigate
complaints against the regime have come from the public . Sweden 's parliament had appointed Ombudsman in 1809 . Finland was commissioned in 1919 . Australia , France , the UK and in many countries including Canada, to hear such complaints and arrange them to take action . Lokpal at center and Lokayukta in states . Lokayukta posted here are the 18 states of the country . Ombudsman at the center in 1968 for the first time this bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha . In 1969 the bill was to pass the bill in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were also collapsed . Then in 1971 , 77 , 85 , 87 , 96 , 98 , 2001, 2005 and 2008 attempts to give it life and success. The bill had ever lived and ever in this committee and Parliament is dissolved .Corruption in government services - anti- system operates from the office of CVC . CVC small office to large governmental structure of the country is not able to prevent corruption . In September 2004 , Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said that our government to pass the Lokpal Bill will be a little delayed . But it did not . A Lokpal Bill was drafted in 2010 , but he could not come in parliament . Lokayukta working in 18 states , most are ineffective .Movement led by Anna Hazare recently gone public - was Jrga of Lokpal Bill . The draft social activists and jurists created by Anna . The government wants to bring these two bills is weak in its original sense . Prime Minister , a Minister or Parliament would be initiated against only checked when Rajya Sabha or Pitsin officer will send a complaint to the Ombudsman . The recommendations of the Ombudsman will , she will not make herself against any complaint or FIR . CBI and the Ombudsman - are not connected to each other . From six months to seven years on charges of corruption will be punished . There is no such provision in the bill would be brought back the amount you have lost due to corruption . Proposed by the public - will be able to act on its own ombudsman , corruption will be reduced sentence of five years . CBI and the Central Vigilance Commission shall be subject to the Ombudsman . The purpose behind the Ombudsman against corruption influential Organization, so that stringent action possible.