Where and when was the invention of the mobile?

The world's first mobile phone display Dr Martin Cooper of Motorola did in 1973 . These mobile phones, radio phones before , but they had differences in the cellular phone .
 Virtually wireless phones were in use long before the military . His first civilian use U.S. cents Luinjh June 17, 1946 , in Missouri by the name of Bell Systems Mobile telephone service was a car . It was called car phones . It weighed about 36 kilograms . The world's first automated car phone service was launched in Sweden in 1960 . The equipment will weigh about 40 kg . Transistors replaced vacuum tubes replaced in 1962 by the more modern phone service was launched. MTD phone service was introduced in 1971 which lasted until 1987 . This car was on the phone . Ically that the handset was not , as we see today . April 3, 1973 Martin Cooper, the first of his rival, Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs by calling demonstrated the first mobile handset . The world's first commercial cellular phone service launched in Tokyo in 1979 by NTT in Japan . Then, in 1981, Denmark , Finland , Norway and Sweden were beginning to mobile phone services . It was the Nordik Mobile Phone ( Anmti ) . In 1983 U.S. 1 - G telephone network began in Chicago by Ameritech name . India's first mobile phone in New Delhi August 15, 1995 Non - was introduced commercially .