install the operating system from pendrive

Now you CD or DVD or CD\/DVD drive even without your computer can install a new operating system by phormet.
Windows XP pen drive on your computer, to install Windows Vista or abuse the tools.

This tool bad CD\/DVD drive or "mini" laptops that do not have CD drive to install the operating system is extremely useful in them.

You will need a pen drive install if you are XP, 1 GB for Vista or intake and at least 4 GB pen drive.
The second requires Windows XP\/Vista\/Windows 7 CD\/DVD.
The third thing that you will need is a computer to which you copied the operating system CD to a pen drive.

Your computer operating system CD and pen drives.
Now you can install the program.

It's just you operating system CD drive and choose the pen drive and just a few clicks in your pen drive bootable drive, including the operating system will create.

Now you also want to put the pen drive in the computer operating systems are in the pen drive with boot option to boot from USB in combinations is used to start and Windows XP by selecting system\/Vista\/Windows 7 install.

This helpful free tools size 6.74 MB.

Click here to download it.

The second is the download link here.
-You pen drive in regular use by the formet.
-Pen drive to install the operating system of your computer should be able to boot from USB.