The best way to repair the window

Today I'm going to tell you that the same trick will not be required to make a bootable CD. And will repair your window.

Sometimes after anti-virus computer virus leads to trouble you for a window. To overcome the difficulty many people have in your computer to load windows again Is very poor due to time and are loaded with all the software again. But as I have said before, the format would not cure every problem in the window is a lot of these tricks Format without the use to which we can fix your window
Did I tell you the same tricks today Use this trick to you only when you feel that your computer has a virus because there is no Problmb Who's up tells you that without a bootable CD-trick will refresh your window

First you have to click on Start button, then Run, type webfldrs.msi to go is great as you can see in the picture below
Then a window pops alike in that you have selected Select Reinstall Mode is shown in the picture below 
Opsnsh window will open which will get you lots of it, then you can click on all Opsnsh click on the OK button is great as you can see below
To wait a little later, your computer will automatically restart your computer and open yourself to all our problems will go away!

Note - only to use this trick to Opsnsh not be seen any more than when you format and tricks to get ahead of your C drive, copy the data necessary