Your computer takes longer to start ?

Your computer takes a long time to start several But the biggest problem is due to reasons like virus or boot-up your Having too many programs at startup.
Every day you load new programs Such that it does not take many of them in our startup Are added automatically when Windows is started even if the programs One by one , the live load is high time to start .It is a way to remove these programs from startup . These programsStart the manual may be required later .First you go to start then click on run before you nowIt will open up a box to type in msconfig then OK now The system configuration utility window will open in front of you .We are a very useful tool in the Windows system configuration utility See your system startup programs and services andYou can change your will You now start automatically at startup Now click theNow you will have a list of all programs in which startup program Please delete to uncheck them . , Please note that some programs Must start with your system , such as those antivirus Do not uncheck . apply now turn to the computer to restartNow tell me whether or not your system is fast start