Learn about the merits of Windows 8

Microsoft's new operating system is soon going to submit to you that this new operating system Windows 8 to Know about some new attributes.

You'll find that the features in Windows 8 ......

Metro style User Interface

Windows 8 start who will see you the first new thing that's Metro Style user interface that replaces your old start menu and desktop would be an interactive wall that boasts to your applications. And if you like you had no problems understanding or right click on this Metro UI come Wall can get back to your normal desktop. This new Metro style User Interface in the future touch-screen computers designed and therefore the new touch devices in Windows 8 feature to work you will more easily

New Windows Explorer
Windows 8 's new Explorer like Office 2007\/2010 ribbon interface mean you get Explorer with some new options. Windows 7 Explorer were limited options in the new ribbon interface allows you to choose the options some regular Explorer will often do.

Internet Explorer 10
If you still use Internet Explorer, it will feature a better for you. With the new HTML5 support Firefox and Google chrome from bump to a lot of new features added to it.  

Better File Operations   
  While your file and folder copy paste now you see some newness.
Such as 1. 
You paste the two at the same time in the same window kapya will opreshan and different from your desktop copying window will no longer be filled.

Windows 8 is enhanced in real-time information that are kapu will provide more information about the file.

Windows 7 better conflict files you can combine file into a folder you paste and is already the name of the file you need to combine their details and options will appear. Some similar feature in Windows 7 is Windows 7 as you grow.

Faster Hybrid Boot 
  An extremely useful feature that you will find in Windows 8 is Faster if your computer boot time Boot Hybrid it will be greatly reduced if your computer supports hardware that is to be engaged in 8 to 10 seconds, your computer will boot.

New Task Manager
 As you can see in the picture will be in the new Windows 7 Task Manager to view and control the running applications to make it easy to work and more.
Windows Store
  Apple Mac store of the Microsoft has already announced Windows Store from which you bought the Metro Style Applications for Windows and download efficiency. These are definitely adding a new User Interface style Metro new useful features.
Easy Factory Restore
You provide the best options of Windows 8 in recovery you without having to format my computer again and just will create new freshly free rising shortly. These are very similar to your mobile will Reset option which you will easily return to the original settings.

USB 3.0 Support
 Windows 8 will support USB 3.0 so that you can copy\/move operations will make a lightning fast USB 3.0 hardware in your computer for it at times.

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