Windows XP with Windows 7 or 8 How to Play

If your computer is install Windows 8 and Windows intake or you CK with Windows 7 or Windows XP also want to play these is possible and easy to install Windows XP on your computer, even if you drink the other drive (e.g. D) can install Windows from which you start the computer "Earlier Version Of Windows", Windows XP also allows to use.

If your computer is already plenty or Windows Windows 7 Windows XP install and you want to install removable without it?

Although there are many ways available to this work here is an easy way to tell.

First of all, you know what things you need the will which
First of all, you will need Windows Xp Installation CD from which you will install Windows XP.

Then you have a small EasyBCD software download 1.3 MB in size.
You can download by clicking here. 

The second additional download links here. 

Well you run EasyBCD program need .Net Framework 2.0.
You can download by clicking here. 

Without paying attention to the .Net Framework 2.0 you will not use EasyBCD.
.Net Framework 2.0 (you can also use the new version. )
Now you have your XP CD boot to install in XP by doing another drive as D.
Before if you D drive secured the data another drive D drive empty culinary.

When you will install your Windows XP Start menu in Windows 7 or Windows 8 ap option will not tell us what to do.
Let Windows XP install, install both software up after


Now start the EasyBCD and according to the picture at the top
-Click Add New Entry.
-Now Windows NT in the drop down menu to the right\/2k\/XP\/2k3 option.
Remember pictures like start Automatically detect correct drive option.
-Now click Add Entry.

Do not close the program

Now the second step
Like the above picture
-Bootloader Setup button
-Windows Vista\/7 Install right now the bootloader to the MBR\/8 option selections.
-Then click Write MBR.

Close the EasyBCD.

Now you have to restart the computer.
The two options available to you on the screen like this.
Now you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 Windows XP can also use without any data or settings are lost.

This process is so easy, a computer wiz better monitoring.