Text files instead of scanned document

If you change the text then uses the call, here's a solution.
If someone then uses to edit and you don't want to type the whole page again, then uses the text file in an easy way.

  For this you have a scanner and Microsoft Office 2003 or above version needed.

First, save your scan to Tiff format then uses the culinary.

Start Microsoft Office Document Imaging program now
In "Start" All Programs "Microsoft Office" > > "" Microsoft Office Tools "> >" "Microsoft Office Document Imaging" visit

Now go to "File" menu select "Insert File" option

This sort of thing.

Now this option, open your Tiff file scanned huyi.

The process of converting your then uses the text in the "Send Text to Word" to complete click on the button
These buttons will appear something like this as in the picture below.
Now then uses the test as Microsoft Word for editing.