Benefits of Wi-Fi technology

Wi - Fi technology before using the large - large companies had offices and homes used to be but now is catching up. Wi - Fi is the biggest advantage of a lot of people can use it . It is well protected and isolated from the cheaper Internet connection is required .
Well Wi - Fi is used mostly for surfing the Internet . But you Brand band or by connecting to the router can be used for many other things .
Sharing photos toIf you have digital cameras nowadays . The data is saved to the memory .you can transfer the data .

For home securityIf you wish to price your home can also use home surveillance system. Voyrlas you have to put the camera instead of the ordinary camera, which will connect to each other with the help of WiFi . Wire of ordinary cameras but none could cut them off Wi - Fi cameras is not possible to do so .

Use your smartphone as a remoteIf you wish, you can also use your smartphone as a remote . Nowadays because of the advanced technology of smartphones - has come in the market with smart TV . Surfing the internet can be many things . There are many such free WiFi available in Google Play application lets you connect your smartphone Smart tv can be used as remote . WiFi smartphone to your TV and just be comfortable .

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