Block unwanted calls on Android phones

Every Android phone has the ability to block calls.
Some settings in your phone, you will have to block calls, even on your Samsung Galaxy S 3, for example, are told in a way to block calls. Similarly, you can block calls to your Android phone.

Step 1 - First you have to call the method adopted to plan, the menu of your phone (Menu) visit.
Step 3 - Call settings will not be clicked to open in your call settings, select the first option that comes to call rejection.
Step 4 - Call Option will let you face rejection after clicking on the first and second auto reject list Auto reject mode. You can complete the list either rejected or discarded are just a number.
Step 5 - Select Auto reject mode, make him go to the right site. As soon as you select the Auto Reject list will come up.
Step - 6 Auto reject list to block whatever number you want to write and save.
You download the application by visiting the Google Play can block your phone calls.
Min. Number Tekt, calls and block (Free)
Min. Applications can block any number in the area code by entering the number of the area may be blocked.
Call Control - Call Blocker (Free)
Call Control - Call Blocker, you can add many numbers to block calls. 14 day free trial of the application is available for 493 rupees if you love the app by giving it a lifetime .. You can use

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