virus attack in mobile. Careful

sometimes you have to put the windows again
It took days to attack mobile virus in a virus came nowadays attack the mobile is Who We will talk about the virus ,
Kasprskaa Lab has detected a new Trojan ingestion by SMS to the user's mobile .. Have been .

Trojan Voyrs Infekted a link in the SMS message box appears , as soon as the user clicks on the link to download the Trojan virus device . Once downloaded, the Trojan virus saved to your phone via SMS to other Kantekts goes . The Trojan virus name yet Obad.a Russia , Ukraine , Uzbekistan , is spreading rapidly in Kazakhstan .

However the best thing is that these virus not just spread some countries than in other countries . But even if an unknown message on your mobile came to open the link provided you understand the drawing board without . He may be a Trojan virus damage to your mobile data .

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