See the full video on YouTube despite slow connections

To view or download the video to YouTube, we have to be a nightmare, especially if you have slow internet speed . Nowadays in the days after the Fast Internet Speed ​​Intermittent video, go to YouTube.But such a trick with which you can watch videos without a break. Just take some setting you will still be in your Chrome or Mozilla.

Step -1 The first Open YouTube page and watch any video you want to search.

Step -2 Cover the right side of the YouTube video search, click the Settings option.

Step -3 key to select low Resolution Quality course, your video will be reduced but it will run without exiting.

Step -4 The right side has the option of shrinking the screen size bigger In the video you will see the small screen to the big screen, they will appear more clearly in the high Resolution to watch the video you will be needed.


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