How to block websites without software.

Software to block sites without friends, today we will talk about . If you want your child in your absence, various social networking sites can be visited on various social networking sites to block so much in such a situation would be better. Also in many situations is a great sites to block .

No software can be used to block the sites as follows -
Start / Menu / Run , type here the following address - C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc and then press Enter

etc folder, the 'HOSTS' file name will , right click on the file and select Open command , before you now 'Open with' dialog box, select Notepad from over here ( ie the name of the Hosts file is open in Notepad )
" localhost" next to " www. Sites have to block that out . Com" write.The more sites you want to block " www.site2.com", " www.site3.com", " www.site4.com" etc. type.

Save the file to
Czech Try Now you are not open to those sites .