Open Office is an open source software , which is used in an office all is a collection of useful software . The way Microsoft operating system is Microsoft Office , Open Office application is the same way .

That's because it is open source software . Open source Open Office to work better than the other companies were coming forward , such as Red Hat , Novell , IBM , Google , etc. , but it is considered to be the main developer Orkl .Open Office Star Division in Germany in 1980 before the company was created , then a few years later it was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 1999 and in 2000 it came into the market .Open source on any computer and any operating system is installed . It all Microsoft operating systems and Linux , Apple Mac etc all runs . Microsoft Office 2007 is available in eight packages in India :

Microsoft Office 2007 Home & Student W. ina 32 English , whose price is Rs 3,861 .
Microsoft Office Home & Student Hindi , price Rs 3,500 .
English Microsoft Office 2007 Student Edition , priced at Rs 14,000 .
Microsoft Office 2007 Standard Edition Hindi , price Rs 14 512 .
Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition English , worth Rs 15,600 .
Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition Hindi , worth Rs 17,500 .
Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition English , worth Rs 12,400 .
Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 W INA 32 English , priced at Rs 24 714 .
If the same application is to use Open Office instead of Microsoft rupees of the country can be saved easily .Open Office software package includes 6 software

Writer : It is exactly like Microsoft Word , where Word formatting , editing , mail merge , etc. can easily . Open any Microsoft Word document in Writer and we can save . It has the option to save in PDF .
Siaelsi : It 's like Microsoft Excel , the spreadsheet , workbook , sheets , graphs , data analysis and create separate data bases .
Impress : The Microsoft presentation exact conversion . Business in the slideshow can convert one format to another format .
Draw : This is more advanced than MS Paint , with the painting - can work with vector graphics .
Math : Use this software to create mathematical formulas , to investigate them and to write mathematical formulas can be used . In addition, it can be things like Microsoft Ikwoshn editor .
The benefits of using Open Office

Quick Install : It installs quickly without any hassles .
No license fee : Being open source , it is available free under the General Public License is the laser .
Cross- platform : runs on any operating system . It all Microsoft operating systems and Linux , Apple Mac runs at all .
Language Support : It supports almost more than 110 languages ​​.
File Compatibility : Microsoft Word file No , PDF , etc. Odif can open and edit .
Customization : Programming with the software editor is also where we write code according to your work can add any new functions .
Frequently update : made ​​by Open Office is nearly half a million people , so it's fast - fast updates with new functions available varies among people .
Bug Reporting : Bug reporting is a way to include a software error , which goes directly to the developer and the developer solution removes his understanding bugs .
Open Office software can be downloaded from the Internet .
The software that you can download from its website by clicking here .