Remove arrow from desktop icons

Desktop icon arrow mark is not like most people, if you are also one of them and your wish to delete them from the desktop icon, some tools that can help you.

The easiest way to do these things to tweaker software will help.
Now there are lots of tools that most tweaker easy and secure their help we.

Windows and Windows XP in different ways can be removed from the desktop icon arrow marks here both ways you can see-

First of all for Windows XP

You will need the tool named TweakUi that approximately 150 KB size.

You can download by clicking here. 

Download it make sure that then install these programs.

Now right click the Shortcut in the Explorer then blocks of options.

Something like this
Now the left side will show you the Shortcut Overlay options here, select the option "None" radio box.

Click on the Apply button below now and then click OK.

Your desktop will delete arrow from shortcuts.

Now for Windows 7

There you will seek the help of Seven tools named Sunrise.
You can download by clicking here. 

Can install it.

Now in the main window will open the Quick Adjustment option.
Something like this

As shown in the picture to the right here "Remove the arrows from shortcut icons" option selected.
Selecting this option will show a message box to Reload the Shell mangega Yes button will restart your Explorer and clicking on the desktop icon will disappear from the arrow.

These many options in other takeover tool. These options without having to tamper with any setting information your computer can start or stop suvidhao so carefully used.