How to install the software for Windows 7 to Windows XP

Windows comes in hearing these problems often take these old Windows versions (e.g. Windows XP) does not install software made for.

A simple solution that allows you to drink up the old software and drivers also can use to make install in Windows.

Now you know how to Troubleshoot Compatibility, Windows is a feature in the intake by which you can.

You have to install the software, click on the Setup file to write.

You write will appear in the menu click Troubleshoot Compatibility option (see picture) click on it.

Now a new window will open and it will Detect Compatibility this process in a few long wait a little. When this process will be completed you will see something like this new window.

There you will see two options in the Settings option, click on Try Recommended.

Here you will be given the information in this window of the program you want to install which version of Windows that is suitable for

Start The Program something like this in this window click on the button and view full details of your software is easy to install.

When your program open Program Compatibility, install window to give you some more options remain. Something like this ... ...

If your software is install correctly and that you want to install the program again if you Troubleshoot Compatibility of these preacher then Yes, Save these settings, the right dohrani for this program by clicking on the option protect the process and then click the close window button.

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These were verified on Windows 7 Ultimate and my so succeeded 100 percent whether he old software or printer driver. This way you can use the Windows XP printer driver in Windows use a intake too. But as far as possible the new Windows software and drivers made for prescription use only.

Now some caring-older anti-virus, disk utilities program and other systems do not use this method on the program may damage your computer.
These msi extension programs that way. doesn't work.