How to hide your hard disk drives

If you want your second someone other than your computer
C D E F means that the hard disk drives to use it etc.
The methods set forth below for form template can execute.

First go to start then run type in the box there
The gpedit. msc then OK. Now your group policy window
Open user configuration, then administrative templates from the
Then click windows components from windows
Open the explorer. Would a list right now in hide from these
Specified drives in my computer, double-click the. Now the window open
It enabled you to select combinations is used you select below.
Is the drive that you want to hide. now who they select. If all
Restrict all drives to hide drives, select apply by now.
Do OK then out.
Now that the drive you will disappear from my computer is hidden
And they don't see any common user. Drives my computer back to
To show in the last window to select the enabled instead of disabled.