Protect eyes from computer

In today's technological era , there is such a thing, without which allows the computer to be over. • There are many advantages to the computer damage whatsoever . Computer inflict the most damage to our eyes . So something like this to protect your eyes .
1 ) As far as possible use the LCD instead of CRT monitors . They inflict less damage to your eyes as well as to save power .
2 ) Keep your eyes at a distance of 18 inches from the monitor . Your eyes should remain in front of the monitor . More than 2 consecutive hours on the computer may not work.
3 ) When working on the computer in our rate decreases even blinking their eyes and our eyes are set on the screen that is harmful to the eyes too . So in between - in around the watch .
4 ) Do not run the computer in low light or very dark room .5 ) Do not work late nights on the computer .