Computer engineer

Hardware engineer must be aware of all the parts of the computer. software intestinal information, parts, computer maintenance and repairing computers associated with other things such as printer, CPU, modem, etc must be aware of.

Software engineer designing programming softwares and install in the computer. all softwares only to software engineers. additional information about the software engineer finished detecting. any software development, operation and maintenance of the software engineering work. in addition it includes software testing requirement, constructions and software. software engineering involves so many things in the field of employment The possibilities of influence are increasing.
How to become a computer engineer
To become a computer engineer b.tech\/shortfall needs to be computer science etc course. but there are many other ways can be taken in the field computer. There you can start the course basic level or o level course can take it after you have enrolled in computer programs in data entry will be able to take further training in computer programming. jobs, jobs in programming you can achieve. The work of writing and testing program and will assist you in implementing phase user. If you have some computer languages and technologies like c, c plus plus, Java, COBOL etc. to become skilled in computer technology to create the future you are golden.
Doek a level and b level equivalent to graduating course degree. these courses operating systems such as Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Photoshop etc to learn about applications of development after all these new and evolving technologies can work in this area to your interest and career prospects, according to many other qualifying programs, Laingvejij, after which you can learn and technology systems analyst, systems programmer, analyst programmer, database management, networking, kodar etc can work in the fields.
Logical mind and wanting to learn with a concentration in this area to enter the nyutam.
Be creative ability is extremely important.
Must be strong in maths.
New technology and other things must be mindful of.
Concentration at work.
Be logical capacity and prayeagdharmi.
The ability to create a new program.
The ability to go to the final decision.
Networking engineer, system analyst, software and hardware designers, system engineers are immense opportunities in India for besides plenty of Indian computer engineers abroad.
Demand for skilled engineers in this area in the country is constantly on the rise. maltineshnal companies at the same time, the job opportunities are present at the same time you can also start own business. companies are developing their own according to the needs in every field, so the software provides software engineers demand.
Fact file
Some major institutions
IIT, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Roorkee
Birla Institute of technology & science, Pilani, Rajasthan instityut
Warhol instityut of technology, warhol, Tamil Nadu
Instityut of technology, Bangalore, Bangalore
Indian instityut of informants technology, Allahabad
Indian instityut of science, Bangalore
Netaji subhas instityut of technology, Delhi
Delhi College of engineering
Diploma in engineering with at least 50 per cent of the points must be in the 2nd test with. Bachelor degree courses, to a shortfall in science physics\/b.tech, chemistry, and mathematics with 50 per cent must be near projectsuploaded on.
Admission process
Various universities and of the IIT computer engineering States shortfall, b.tech admission test held. post must have Bachelor degree graduating course. m. tech.\/take me in b.tech\/60 per cent shortfall points. graduate level programs in IP at the University entrance test common inter. IIT students graduate eptityud test for admission to the postgraduate engineers. software testing, A computer systems analyst and data base developer degree in computer engineering or computer science.
Course time limit
Projectsuploaded on after b.Tech 4 years time or graduating after 3 year MCA also. diploma in computer engineering over a period of 3 years. the duration of the four-year b.tech computer science\/shortfall. me\/m. tech. course is 2 years old.
Diploma in computers, advance diploma in computers, b.SC. computer science, b.Tech in computer science, BCA, MCA, m. tech. diploma and certificate courses from various institutions you can.
After 5-6 thousand BCA courses ranging from 15 rupees to get 10-35 thousand students to b.tech.: 90 selri. after initial MCA selri 15 bichmilti 50 thousand companies in the public sector in the beginning is 10,000 to 20,000 rupees per month software engineers selri. private companies in a qualified software engineer from 20,000 to 25,000 per month to be able to selri. experience RS. 50,000 million per month on selri also.

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