Free WiFi threat

Know before using public WiFi that others can read your conversations are so if you are not careful. personal information of public WiFi network as clear text is accessible to others.
not only would like it if the Mall or airport expert with the help of some simple software tools, she in your network, and what are you can easily see it. Your password, bank information, important personal things like pictures stole. If you use the same password on multiple sites are also a big problem. public hotspot on which takes care of these things of course.

Threatened by honeypot
See also common nowadays as a threat to the honeypot is exposed. create your own fake WiFi hotspot hackers and they give it the name of public WiFi honeypot. many users are stuck in it and lost their important information. such pot to fix don't need any special Setup. hackers just a Smartphone and laptop will help it . Currently these honeypot are common.