How to let your computer has various???

We all know that there are various ways to live on the Internet, which always used to looking for a computer that contains a protek are not i.e. If connection in your PC not the software or malware ontiveros rimuv these various Internet easily stole all the information your PC will come not just in the mass that can also set up your PC to karep.
whenever we do a mail open In addition to the many important fairs imbak spam mail, well then try this open these spam mail before they realized that they were opening is necessary because sometimes in various attacks by spam mail may PC so friends ton talk about some ways to get that will help you in your various PC's Can detect.

1. you took when you sign out
If you sign out of your mind a PC account or going to be crashing the PC again and immediately scan it with anti a good drop various.

2. come into various erlat
If your PC has had about khatranak malware alert ontiveros doesn't send you so many ways to get various PC alert, such as a software installed in the PC whenever you they will not install your PC again to be ris means your PC started up something wrong. If your PC have a go then it means the speed suddenly to be various in your PC or malware Have arrived.

3. do not close the message
If your PC automatically started coming a message which is not even close it means no malware or various block.

4. file size began to change
If your PC save file has the size change your mind, spread a mess samjhiya PC software.