How to transfer data from laptop Android device?

Android devices are very popular not only in India but in the whole world . If we look at the tablet than the smartphone market in India is rapidly each year is increasing the number of tablet users . So often people have to be aware of a common problem . First Android devices to transfer data from laptop ,

Android device to your laptop using the data cable connected to it. Maybe your Android tablet or smartphone Maikroyuesbi port may have nothing to be afraid of it , you just have to take a USB connector .Android devices now go to the Notifications panel , turn on the USB option . In the upper half of the screen will come down to swap . After you open the file on the USB into your laptop will get the option .Open file after you save the data in the PC want to transfer to your Android device , and Android devices into folders by moving select paste . Once the data transfer to the PC or laptop USB port on the right side of the option to remove the device to go into options .

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