Netbook is basically a short - as a computer which is designed specifically for mobile Internet access . These are typically 10 - inch screen keyboard and touchpad are matched him with these extremely small , light in weight and are cheap - a high - level netbook costs, a low - level approximately equal to the notebook or tablet 's .

Netbook can do ?Netbook general web browsing , word processing and Light are best for social gaming . Huge photo and video files many do not manage better . Windows-based netbooks can run simple Windows game , be sure to check back on new titles to see whether it will work on your netbook
How are netbooks than notebooks ?In terms of properties netbook very convenient , portable and lighter .
How are tablets than netbooks ?Touchscreen netbooks ever - and they are hardly seems to be somewhat slower pace than tablets , because most netbooks run on operating systems that are designed for the desktop . On the other hand , netbooks are built-in keyboard and a memory card reader to browse the web and you can use the touchpad or mouse .
Which netbook can run the application ?They run netbooks running Windows , Microsoft Office can run as native applications . Windows netbook Intel AppUp ™ is an online store for applications . Google's Chrome Webstore your software center of Ubuntu and displays the applications which run on netbook using the Chrome browser . More powerful than notebooks smaller , lighter and more energy - efficient, the netbook away from your desktop PC check email , surf the web or shopping online is the ideal device .
I use a netbook as my main computer should do ?This will make a decision on your own based on your requirements . Finally , the netbook is designed for Portbiliti , " Vrkhors " not to become machine .

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