Pan much faster using Google search


Go on a webpage in Google search page before you undergo the Google redirection link is now on Google search, you are shown on the webpage much faster now.

Right now you can search on Google (and hindi value) then you'll see the webpage like the picture shown above. Now if you want to go to the Wikipedia link, it will click on the first link.

Now there is the actual link to http:\/\/en.wikipedia.org\/wiki\/Hindi problem here you go
Via this link.

Remove the redirection you can access your webpage a little faster.

You must add a add-on in your browser.

Now if you are using the Firefox browser

Click on the link above this add-on go to the webpage and click the Add toFirefox button to add it to your browser.

If you are using Google chrome 
Go on the link above and click Add to Chrome button with your chrome browser.
This feature allows you to access your webpage is fast hurt, if you copy the Web Google search links have the needed so these work now will be a little more convenient.

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