How to crack Windows password without any Software

If you have forgotten your password and your computer, you do not need to be disturbed.

Today I am going to tell a remedy in the article so that you can easily change the password for the Windows computer.

You have several ways to Crack Windows password will read the CD or any Software in which you seek the help of the sender, but is also a way without you CD or any Software can easily change the password I have tried to explain through the Screenshot below.

First of all, your computer Reboot and hold down the F8 Safe Mode "with" button "Command Prompt" Option to select.
Now open the Command Prompt and use the Commands according to the screenshot below

The first type-Net User and Enter the cursor over
    Type-Enter your username and User cursor over Net (Screenshot in user name Vivek)
     Now type Net User username *
    Now enter your new password (the password will not appear when you type)