Save Flash animation files to a website how-to

Many times you will see the Flash animation in websites or files
You would think of to save and grab at you will not find
Tell the way down on it is very easy to

Flash write image files like enimeshno or click cannot save

1. If you use the Firefox
 You open the site from which to save the file or Flash animation
 * Now go to Tools - open Media Tab Page > Info * * here you will find all those Flash enimeshno or files on the site * that is "Save As" to save, click Save culinary

2. Using Internet Explorer,
* Tools - Internet Options General Tab-switch to > > * go to settings in the View history files open Brwsing * will * see Flash animation or files that are saved to


3. open the Google chrome * site that aims to save Flash animation or file
Open source press ctrl U ctrl F view by pressing the "swf" search by typing
Save the perfecting of the swf url. culinary