How to change the Windows XP 3 in Window XP 2

There are many software or games in the windows service pack 2 or games to put Dlte software requires Windows XP 3. NET Framework is also required as well as the difficulty often comes with them. 
Window XP Service pack 2 on my system who has cast them after reading this post will get rid of this problem.
He's going to tell you that the trick after Window XP Service pack 2 service pack 3 you'll be able to convert to the format without window .
If you want to change your Windows service pack 2 and 3 after the first click on the Start button, click on Run to.
Then you have to click on the OK button and type regedit then you have to mark down according to the setting forth.
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Windows" equivalent box after you click on "CSDVersion" will be written to double mark.
And its value in "200" from "300" to restart your system and letting your windows service pack 3 has changed now. 
For information about the property mark, right-click on My Computer to Window XP 3 there you will see a message!