Creating HIBERNATE Button

Hibernate button is very easy to create. It is a hibernate option. Which lets you leave your computer running hibernate button to get it to work So the next time you start the computer, your work is saved it.And you get back exactly where you had left your job!

Suddenly, when you work on another between your computer on hibernate and can be Which is stored on your hard disk data in RAM. And when you restart the computer, store it in RAM and then get it to do so.
Here's to you -
1> desktop is right click on the pop-up menu to select the new optoin to go!
2> new to the shortcut select screen will look something like this .....!
3> Type the location of the item: type in "rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState Hibernate" (without "") of ...!
4> next click on ......!
5> In the next screen you want to save the icon there by the name of "Type the name of this shortcut", type in a name to it ....!
Click on finish ..
Prepare your hibernate button.