Battery Problem in your laptop ?

Do you have trouble with your laptop battery , laptop after full charged battery provides battery backup more frequently in middle or laptop is shutdown . Such complications Many of you will come to the laptop . To overcome these problems , who arrive in laptops we 've brought you some tips . The first .......

Go to the Start button and select Control Panel Power Options , click Options .Power options were offered the option to go in and turn the monitor section . After the turn of the options in front of you will have many other options, power options will help you set up your laptop screen can . Such as laptops online often and sometimes we seem to talk on the phone , or work do sometimes fall asleep .
Go to the options you can set the time according to your convenience . Such as 1 minute , 30 seconds , your laptop will be better than the battery backup time will be less .
Two power settings and options then appear in front of you first turn off the hard disk and system standby is set to go to the Advanced option "When I close the lid to my portable computer" option to a Choose .

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