How to stay safe on public WiFi

Network informationBefore connecting the network must know which company to connect to so you do not become a Hneepot . If you are not sure of the network staff working there, be sure to ask .Automatic option offIf your computer or smartphone automatically connects to WiFi , turn off this option . Before you know it you'll be able to connect where you are connecting .

https connection Always connect the WiFi https . When you use the Service and the Website , your communication is secure .Use VPN ServiceUse when sending data VPN service . If someone tries to steal your data will only appear as encrypted data . In addition to VPN Vitopia you'd like Dot Net , Strongvipian dot com and you can also use Norton Privacy hotspot .
Two-factor Authentication Two-factor authentication will be beneficial for you . It is asked for the password twice and secondary codes . It becomes difficult for hackers to steal anything .Precautions necessary in the online worldIf you are fond of online and live better use of the Internet must take some precautions . Cyber ​​crime is growing in this age of Internet Use caution when you need us every moment . Slap the accidental omission may be very large . So if some considerations when using the Internet will not punish .
The password VarietyIt often happens that we e-mail ID or password online banking space in the 'Password ' hackers only tend to write and think it will be beaten , but it is wrong to think . Nowadays , due to the many ways that you think the ID is to use a password , which can be easily memorized . For the convenience of your mobile number and we should avoid the use of common things . These passwords are easy to guess about which . Password you can use many things together . More and more variety you will use the password it will be much more difficult to hack .
Change Password  There are many people who use passwords longer keep him . They do not change it . People who use the same password for all ID continually , are more likely to hack their account . Would be better if your password periodically Change . Also you can use a third party tool while getting reset - Similar Password not accepted .Update option to disable There are many people who are computer software updates to disable the option . Companies usually are ignored due to this firewall , but it is not a good strategy . The original software in your computer if you use auto- update option to always be enabled .