Repair your computer easily

How often have we computer glitches give apprehend your precious time and data to fix the computer glitches just aren't the only option to format.

A free portable tool that will help you fix your computer.

This is the name of the Windows Repair tool and its name according to your Windows to repair.

There are problems of your computer in 5 easy steps you can fix.

In the first phase you virus etc from kharabiyo will be asked to download the tools if you already use a good anti-virus are not used directly by this step other steps can start.

Other File System Disk Check, the third stage in Check, the fourth phase will be asked to Create Restore Point\/System Restore (Create Restore Point step in this System in terms of security in the air),
In Basic, Advanced or Custom mode via your computer repaired. You can choose an alternative anussar of your facility. After this process, if you are using Windows XP, Windows XP CD during the process of reform may be needed because Windows XP CD ready. Windows Vista will not require you CD or abuse.

Computer phormet before a last notice to use as tools. Since these portable tool is therefore safe in turn also have install without it.

Only 1.2 MB of size free useful tools.

Click here to download it.

The second additional download link here.

This tool is administered by freedom from many troubles I hope you do.