Add a two computers with new team Viewer

Updet to discover the new version of TeamViewer your computer team 6.0.11656 vouvray, a free software so that two computers no matter how different parts of the world also get over run them through the Internet by adding the same way as if you're sitting in front of the other computer and a file\/folder to be shared.

Not only that you can also audio video chatting via. With the help of a friend to fix bad computer and your computer to work from anywhere that is easy and free tool.
To use it in both computer software and Internet connection would be needed.
Then a computer other than the computer ID and Password with the help of added. This password is changed every time that you connect to your computer without can't tell because it's safe.

A very useful tool in just 4 MB size

Click here to download it.

The second additional download link here.