Windows xp repair the corrupt files

Insert into our computer virus, or incorrect softwareDue to the windows xp files are corrupt , then the computerLeads to many problems , many programs stop workingIf the system seems to many errors,
then we new window
Instol have to , have to Instal the program again . ItWork is very time-consuming and messy work habits .
But I 'll tell you a way that you do it in 10 minutesAll corrupted files on your system and fix errorsCan . Firstly you click on start then go to runThe type sfc / scannow sfc note that the / [ slash ] asThe intervening space . Then please ok , ok A window will open as soon as theYou will be asked to insert windows xp cd 's , cd inserted scanningProgress will be 5 to 10 minutes . It your all filesRepair and will remove all the errors .Please restart the computer after the scan Finnish

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