Computer General Knowledge

● Dr. Douglas Injelbart (Dr. Douglas Engelbart) 1964 invented the mouse .● Tim Burns credited with building the first Web site, Lee (Tim Berners Lee) is on . He is the founder of World Wide Web .

● Bill Gates (Bill Gates) and Paul Allen (Paul Allen) Microsoft Corporation jointly established in 1975 .● Bill Gates' famous book 'The Road Ahead' 1995 written in . Currently the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" is engaged in social work .● India Sabeer Bhatia (Sabeer Bhatia) 's free email service Hotmail (Hotmail) delivered .● Bluetooth is a wireless technology (Wireless Technology) is the shortest distance through the mobile phone and the computer is connected to various devices .● banks ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) WAN (WAN) is an example .
● WAP (Wireless Access Point) is a device which makes a variety of media by adding a wireless network .● monitor and hard disk of the computer is in Standby Mode so that less energy . Clicking the mouse or pressing any button computer comes out of Standby Mode .● Optical Mouse (Optical Mouse) do not require a mouse pad because it does not have any rotating part .● Hyper Text document is a Web page that connects with other documents .● Blog Weblog is made of words . Blog created by a web site where your ideas , experience or may have. This web site reading other people can give their comments on the subject .● Beta Release usefulness of any software or technology to examine the issue during construction is called the market .● Pop -up (Pop-up) during web browsing is manually openable window advertising .● board - Christopher Lotham credited with the creation of the structure of Souls (Christopher Latham Sholes) goes up.● Digital Compact Disk (DCD) invented in 1965 by James Russell (James Russell) did.● Noyi Bob (Bob Noyee) and Garden Moore (Gordon Moore) jointly Intel (Intel) , a company established .● Motorola (Motorola) Dr. Martin Coupons (Dr. Martin Cooper) invented the mobile phone .● GSM (GSM-Global System For Mobile Communication) is a popular standard for mobile phones is used .● CDMA (CDMA-Code Division Multiple Access) mobile network has to be installed .In contrast to Klkuletr a single instruction can be given .● The first commercial integrated semiconductor chip manufacture Fairchild Corporation (Fair Child Semiconductor Corporation) in 1961 .● Monitor Monitor Diagonal Size (Diagonal) is measured in length .● Shugart floppy disks, invented by IBM scientists announced (Alan Shugart) in 1971 .● The biggest difference in the human brain and the computer 's ability to think is not the computer itself .● Home Theater is a personal computer that is used for recreational use . The video player , audio / video recorders , mini games , there are plenty of facilities like internet .● computer operating system used in computer platform means that the basis for the implementation of other programs . Programs that run on a platform normally do not go to other platforms .● U.S. kerf as Vinten (Vinten Cerf) Internet pioneer (Father of the Internet) is called .● Netiquette (Netiquette-Net + etiquette) that are required when using the internet is a group of practices and rules .● Internet operation is free from the control of an institution or a government or administration .● GPRS (GPRS-General Pocket Radio Service) wireless internet access, use of mobile phone technology .● Hyper Text (Hyper Text) is an arrangement under which text , graphics and programs etc. can be linked together . The Development Ted Nelson (Ted Nelson) in 1960 .● WAP-Wireless Application Protocol mobile phones to be used during the use of the Internet is a set of rules .● Internet phone calls using computers and the Internet is the process of setting up .● Internet and computers were using illegal act , such as - view and delete protected files , make changes to the Web page , using the wrong credit card , etc. cyber virus Issuance (Cyber ​​Crime) is called .● Icon (ICANN-Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) a specific address for each computer on the Internet for the purpose of an international organization formed in 1998 .● Imoticon (Emoticon-emotion + icon) is the set of one or more signals by which the Internet is used to express a certain emotion .- Such as the smiling face :-) means .:-( Sad face means .● Akstanet (Extranet) for a personal business network which uses Internet technology and public communication .● Hacker (Hacker) is a person who penetrate security systems on the Internet Ilektanik receives entertainment or curiosity and intelligence .● Declare UK Touring (Alan Turing) first artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) laid ideology . John McCarthy for his contributions in the field (John Mc Carthy) artificial intelligence (Father of Artificial Intelligence) is called the parent .● Desktop Publishing (DTP) to develop the Macintosh (Macintosh) by the Company .● Internet available for free on the world's largest Insaclopeedia Wikipedia (Wikipedia) founded Jimmy Wales (Jimmy Wales) did.● Bangalore- based Infosys Technologies (Infosys Technology) Start of en. By Narayan was in 1981 .● Currently the world 's fastest supercomputer, IBM's Road Runner (Road runner) 1000 which may trillion calculations per second .● India's fastest supercomputer Eka (Eka) , whose development in Pune Tata CRL (Computational Research Laboratory) has been by . It can do 117.9 trillion calculations per second .● William Higinbotham (William Higgin Botham) of the first video game computer built in 1958 .● Maya II (Maya II) is a DNA computer to replace the silicon chip has been used DNA thread .● Maya (Maya) is a powerful three-dimensional software used for inserting special effects in movies and video games are made .● Alan Turing (Alan Turing) is considered the father of modern computer science .

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